The Age (Australia) - Clive O'Connell

 “Engaging young pianist rises above the note-spinners. Kam is an interesting musician, one who shows a winning potential to take you further into challenging music.”

“Kam prevails. This young pianist’s powers came in the increasing agitation of the Mendelssohn fugue…with persuasive compulsion, illustrating why this young musician stands out from the ruck.”
“Kam played the B
allade no 4 by Chopin with considerable success. The slow build-up to an explosion of abrupt intensity made for an exciting experience, informed by the performer’s elegant articulation and sparing use of rubato. Reaching the work’s peroration, Kam gave us an interpretation of the Ballade’s last pages that any pianist would have been proud of, giving a glimpse of the high level of insight that he can reach.”

“The young pianist
showed a mature control, making the listener focus on the coherence of the work and its argument (Liszt).”

“Kam’s craft continues to impress. Kam’s interpretative skills have moved onwards and upwards. To end, we heard the massive Variations and Fugue on a theme of Handel by Brahms. Hearing it at close quarters gave us a remarkable exposure to Kam’s craft, which impresses every time he returns to delight his many local admirers.”

The Evening Telegraph (England)

“Dramatic: Pianist Matthew Kam…brightens up lunchtime.”     

Composer Einojuhani Rautavaara (b.1928 Finland)

 “Your rendering of the concerto [Rautavaara's Piano Concerto no 1] is perfect…Your playing is full of drama and also with great lyrical expressiveness…”

Herald Sun (Australia) - Xenia Hanusiak

 “A beguiling performer, he has a natural warmth and makes his audience feel completely relaxed. This geniality transfers to his playing.”

“Kam was at one with the sultry Mediterranean rhythms, finding a good balance between lyricism and rhythmic energy. He was at his most persuasive in these highly picturesque settings, finding a range of tonal applications (Albéniz).” 

Photos Courtesy of KLPAC

Rochdale Music Society Reviews (England) - Dr. Joe Dawson

"His opening work was, unusually, by a living composer: Carl Vine’s Piano Sonata (1990) is a brilliant piece of piano theatre, full of energy and references to jazz and popular music styles combined with pure percussion, even extending to a forearm smash! This could have been an inaccessible modern experiment but Kam’s skill, control and communication proved just how fresh fruit on the Vine can be. Sonata No 3 in B minor Op 58 by Chopin brought us back to the nineteenth century tradition and demonstrated why this player has become so highly regarded."


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